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Indigo Zoom Productions

Director of Photography Marcus O'Brien captures motion & time-lapse imagery for telling stories in documentaries, television, commercials & film. Owner / operator of Movi M10 cinema kit including Canon 1DC and Canon cinema prime lenses. Contact:

  1. Humpbacks

    Broome is the gateway to one of the world's last frontiers of pristine wilderness - Australia's North West.
    Every year the largest migration of humpback whales in the world occurs off the West Australian coast as the whales head north from Antarctica to warm, tropical waters off Broome where they mate and calve.

    Spending time in close proximity to these graceful, ocean roaming beasts reminds me how lucky we are in Australia, how precious these animals are and the importance of protecting them.

  2. Marcus O'Brien showreel 2015

    A selection of images from previous shoots around Australia and Internationally.
    * One sequence contains flash photography *

  3. Centennial Parklands Horse riding Promo

    Horse riding in Centennial Park is one of Sydney's hidden gems - a must do experience for locals and tourists alike. Just minutes from the Sydney CBD, horse riding is available seven days a week and is suitable for all ages and skills levels. Captured using the MõVI M10 + Canon 1DC. Music Licensed via The Music Bed

  4. Music Video - Woman Like You

    ONE SHOT MUSIC VIDEO captured using the MõVI M10

    Artist: William Crighton,
    Track: Woman like You,
    Equip: Môvi M10 / Canon 1DC, Canon 24mm Cinema Prime, Heden Carat follow focus

    Artist: William Crighton
    Female Lead: Julieanne Crighton
    Director/Writer/Producer: Adrian Brown (
    DOP/Movi operator: Marcus O’Brien (
    Stylist: Cherith Crozier (
    First AC/Digital: John Kung (
    Movi Assit: Luke Carroll (
    Make up: Jemima Seaman (
    Location: Carol & Neil (Junee Chocolate Factory:


    Part one in a series of portraits from Sydney, Australia captured using the MŌVI, a handheld stabilized camera gimbal allowing a new era of stabilized cinematography.

    Equipment: The MŌVI M10, Canon 1DC HDDSLR, Canon 24mm Cinema Prime, Heden Carat follow focus, Small HD DP4 / DP7 Pro monitors


    Featuring Mariah Jakosky
    Designer and Owner of Riah Swimwear
    Worn With A Smile

    Music: Tony Anderson
    Track: Svay Pak
    From: The Music Bed!/

  6. SURFER - behind the scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the making of 'SURFER' shot using the MŌVI M10 handheld stabilized camera gimbal.


    BTS footage: Eric Downer